Birmingham brides left dress-less by shop closure

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The shop is now empty and its website has been deleted

Brides in Birmingham say they've been left without their wedding dresses after a boutique closed without warning or explanation.

Emily Eve Bridal Boutique in the city centre closed unexpectedly, leaving dozens of women without a dress or a refund for their wedding day.

One bride said she'd spent over £1,000 on a deposit that she may not get back.

The boutique's website has been deleted and the BBC has been unable to contact its owners.

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A notice in the shop window says brides have been left "with little help"

Lauren Davies said she spent £1,080 on a deposit for her dress ahead of her wedding next year. She said she has "absolutely no idea" how she's going to get the money back because she can't reach anyone at the company.

"I was apprehensive about sending that much money," she said. "Luckily I only paid the deposit."

"They took my money in April but my dress was never even ordered. My dress has now been discontinued so I don't think I'll be able to get my dress now."

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Olivea Allegrini-Jones will wear a different dress at her wedding this weekend

Olivea Allegrini-Jones, who is getting married on Saturday, said: "I bought a dress last April. It got to July and I still hadn't heard anything."

When she received no response from the boutique last month, she went to the shop on Smallbrook Queensway and demanded a refund which she was able to get before the shop was left empty.

In a cached version of the website, the shop is listed as part of the Retail Bridalwear Association (RBA), and claims to be "a business that is financially sound, offering professional standards of care and service".

RBA has been approached for comment.