Uber drivers refused to take man with guide dog 14 times

Image caption, Mr Ahmed and his dog John were refused travel on their commute to work

A partially-sighted man says he has repeatedly been refused taxis operated by private hire firm Uber because he travels with a guide dog.

Saleh Ahmed, from Balsall Heath, Birmingham, gets a cab to New Street Station every day on his way to work in Worcester.

He said he had been left feeling humiliated by the rejections.

Taxis are obliged to take people with guide dogs. Uber said it had barred the drivers involved.

Mr Ahmed said the latest refusals happened on Monday.

"I gave the driver a ring and explained I have a guide dog," he said.

"He instantly cancelled the ride and I was charged a cancellation fee.

Image caption, Mr Ahmed says he feels "really disappointed" with the reaction of the drivers

"I was refused four times by Uber that night. One of the drivers did turn up, but drove off when he saw the dog.

"It's really disappointing. This has happened to me at least 14 times. It makes me feels humiliated.

"It stresses me out just to know that I can't book a taxi like everybody else does to get from A to B."

Uber said it was "totally unacceptable" for drivers to refuse to take a guide dog.

"Licensed private hire drivers must carry service animals in their vehicle and we remind all drivers of this legal obligation before they start using the Uber app," it said in a statement.

"Any driver who is found to have refused to take a service animal will permanently lose access to the Uber app and risks having their private hire licence taken away.

"The two drivers complained about by Mr Ahmed have been barred from using the app and won't be allowed back if the complaint is upheld."

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