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Pet dog Oscar wins PDSA slimmer award

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Media captionHydrotherapy helped fat pooch Oscar become a slimmer winner

A podgy pooch has shed more than a third of his body weight to become an award-winning pet.

Oscar, a spaniel, once tipped the scales at 3st 6lb (21kg) - 80% above his ideal weight - due to too many Sunday dinners and leftovers.

But after walks left him out of breath, his Wolverhampton owner, June Lawrence, knew things had to change.

Now, after hydrotherapy sessions and a diet, Oscar is PDSA vets' slimmer of the year at a healthy 2st 1lb (13kg).

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Image caption Oscar's owner June Lawrence admitted she spoilt Oscar after the death of her husband

Mrs Lawrence's daughter, Karen Allen, said: "He is a completely different dog now - like a puppy again.

"People don't recognise him because he's changed so much, in looks and personality."

Mrs Lawrence admits she spoilt the 10-year-old following the death of her husband last year and, as she is disabled, was not able to give him enough exercise.

"As he piled on the pounds, he wanted to exercise even less and it became a vicious cycle," Ms Allen said.

"He couldn't even jump on the sofa, he was that big."

The family enrolled Oscar into a fitness and slimming club through the vets, who changed his lifestyle and introduced more exercise.

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Image caption Oscar can now swim for up to 10 minutes without stopping, his family said

When he started in the pool, Oscar could barely manage 15 seconds without stopping but now he can swim around for 10 minutes, Ms Allen said.

PDSA vet nurse Kay Brough said Oscar had done "amazingly well" at Pet Fit Club and, thanks to his family sticking to his diet, he has "virtually halved in size".

Other successful slimmers include Tyty, a Chihuahua from Glasgow and Kaspa, a Labrador from Cardiff, who both lost 29% of their body weight.

Mikey the cat, from London, recorded a 17% loss.

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