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Birmingham wheelie bin wagons 'too wide for some roads'

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Image caption A two-week review of all vehicles and routes started this week, the council said

Wagons used to empty recycling wheelie bins in Birmingham are too wide to fit down some streets, the council said.

There was not enough thought about vehicles reflecting routes and a "one size fits all" approach was wrong, the cabinet member for refuse told BBC WM.

But the council said most people who had received wheelie bins for recycled waste said streets were now cleaner and the service was working.

A two-week review of all vehicles and routes started this week.

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Lisa Trickett said collections were fine in "99.9%" of streets in the city.

But she said: "There was not enough thought given when the routes were planned.

"Local intelligence was not used to shape the service.

"My point to managers was when they were designing the specification, surely they actually took the time to think of the roads and the routes... and what vehicles would need to be reflected? That was not the case."

'Sincerely apologise'

She said there were a number of roads in the city where "normal-sized wagons" had been deployed where it was now apparent other vehicles were needed.

"You cannot overhaul a service like the fleet and waste service that we inherited without some problems.

"I sincerely apologise for all of the problems that have been caused over the Christmas period."

Edgbaston resident Pranav Gupta said his recycled waste had not been properly collected since November, when the wheelie bin system had been introduced on his street.

"They never actually bring a recycling waste wagon to collect the rubbish, even if it's reported as a missed collection."

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