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Walsall Council back under Conservative control

image captionThe authority had been Labour-run since August
The Conservatives have been voted back into control of Walsall Council.
The authority had been Labour-run since August but it fell into no overall control at the elections in May.
The Conservatives retook control with support from three UKIP and two independent councillors.
Former leader Mike Bird, who was deposed in 2014, was reinstated as leader after a vote at a meeting of the council on Wednesday. Mr Bird said he was "very proud" of the result.

'Not surprised'

Mr Bird said: "You have to wait for people to make their minds up and they did it last night. I'm very proud to be back.
"I've had more comebacks than Gone With the Wind."
He said the outgoing Labour leader, Sean Coughlan, had done a "good job" in office.
"It's a difficult job - there's no doubt about that," he said.
"There is still money to be saved and I would like to think we can do that differently to the Labour group."
Mr Coughlan said: "I'm disappointed but not surprised."

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