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Primark baby: Woman gives birth in Birmingham street

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Media captionSecurity staff held up sheets to provide privacy during the birth

Crowds gathered around a woman as she gave birth to a girl outside a Primark store in Birmingham city centre.

Onlookers said dozens of people - some of whom filmed as events unfolded on New Street - cheered and showered the new mum with money as she gave birth.

They said the woman had been waving and encouraging people to film her as she was helped into an ambulance.

An Australian doctor passing by, who was on holiday in Birmingham, delivered the baby, said West Midlands Police.

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Image caption A crowd gathered around the woman as she went into labour

West Midlands Ambulance Service said mother and baby were "OK" and had been taken to City Hospital for check-ups.

The new mum's friend, who only wanted to give her first name as Charlene, said the two had been out shopping together.

She said her friend was "having twinges but did not know she was in slow labour" before the birth.

'Unbelievable crowd'

She added: "The next thing we knew the baby was coming out. It was amazing how helpful people were.

"The baby is doing fantastic and she is doing well. I'm really pleased.

"All the community got together. Some gave her money and said get something for the baby - it was really kind.

"It was incredible."

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Media captionThe mother's friend Charlene described the birth as "amazing"

Pauline Morris, who runs the New Street Bags stall near the scene, said she saw a "heavily pregnant" young girl shout "the baby's coming".

"She was obviously wincing in pain," she said.

"All of a sudden security came from everywhere. There was an unbelievable crowd, there must have been a few hundred people.

"I've seen a few unusual things in this job but I can't imagine anything like that will happen again."

'Showered in cash'

A West Midlands Ambulance spokesman said: "I am sure if they could have got her into an ambulance they would have - but it isn't always possible."

He said the paramedic team was "highly-trained" to make decisions in the best interests of their patient.

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Image caption Security staff held up a sheet around the woman to give her privacy as she gave birth

Nayeem Bolia, a security worker at Primark, worked with paramedics to hold up sheets to preserve the new mum's privacy.

He said: "We had blankets around her to keep her privacy so she could give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

"I have got three of my own and I was happy for her. People were clapping and cheering for her."

Cheering and waving

Fellow security worker Dominic Watson added he heard screaming when the woman left the store and at first "thought there was a fight or a domestic".

"Next thing I know someone walked through the door and said she'd just had a baby outside.

"I told my manager and they didn't believe me at first but then members of staff brought blankets down and a pillow for her."

Nadia Hussain, a worker at nearby clothes store Gossip, witnessed the aftermath of the birth and said the mother was showered in money before being whisked off to hospital.

"Everyone was throwing money at her. She got about £300 to £400," she said.

"The mother was waving at everyone, telling everyone to film her. Everyone had their phones out and she was waving at them as she went into the ambulance."

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