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West Midlands Police sergeant 'mishandled' beggars' cash

A West Midlands Police sergeant has been sacked after allegedly "mishandling" change seized from street beggars in Birmingham.

An internal investigation was launched in December 2011 following claims cash was stolen from beggars in Bordesley Green.

The dismissal emerged as the officer appealed his gross misconduct hearing, which concluded in November.

Written warnings were also issued to four police constables.

No evidence was found of criminal offences and no complaints of theft were received by the force.

Small change taken

Supt Tim Godwin, from the force's professional standards department, said it expected "the highest standards of honesty and integrity" from officers.

He added: "This inquiry vigorously investigated the offences and following misconduct hearings the force took appropriate action."

It was alleged small change was taken from people begging and was handled inappropriately prior to being booked into a police property store.

The beggars involved could not be traced after their original contact with investigating officers.

Due to the individuals involved not being traced, the exact amount of cash seized was unclear.

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