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West Midlands Police officers jailed for Oldbury house theft

Two police officers who stole cash and cigarettes from a house have been jailed after being caught in a sting operation by their own force.

West Midlands officers Mark Davis, 31, and Neil Samuels, 33, were caught stealing from the house in Oldbury.

They pleaded guilty to one count each of theft and were sentenced to 20 weeks - half in prison and half on licence.

Samuels, of Croft Lane, Wolverhampton, and Davis, of Clent Road, Oldbury, are suspended pending misconduct hearings.

'Breach of trust'

Birmingham Magistrates Court heard Davis and Samuels, who have six and 11 years service respectively, stole 400 cigarettes plus a £10 note each.

They were caught after being sent on a mock operation back in July, set up by the force's standards department to monitor how they behaved.

They seized property and filled out false reports about what they had collected.

District Judge David Robinson said their crime was "a gross breach of trust".

"In my view it was calculated - that is apparent from the discussion recorded together (in the house); the property you decided to take, and the way you equally divided the property," he said.

'Potential dismissal'

Supt Tim Godwin said they worked hard to "root out corrupt officers."

"Police officers take a vow to serve the public and uphold the law with fairness, integrity and impartiality," he said.

"Any that fall short of those standards, or who abuse their position, will face disciplinary action, the prospect of criminal prosecution and potential dismissal."

The officers entered guilty pleas to a single count of theft in February.

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