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Toddler hurt in taxi brick attack in Wednesdbury

A two-year-old girl was seriously injured when she was hit by a brick thrown through the back window of the taxi in which she was travelling.

Chanelle Glanville said her daughter, Remy, needed stitches to a deep wound in the back of her head which was bleeding heavily.

It happened in Wednesbury in Sandwell, West Midlands, police said.

Ms Glanville said it was "very frightening". Police have been checking local buildings for CCTV footage.

"I turned to look out the window and the next minute, there was a boom and my head was thrown to the side," she said.

"There was glass splayed all over us and everybody was screaming.

"I was just so frightened... then the taxi driver swerved because he was looking at us... that's the moment she was screaming.

"She's all dazed and her eyes were rolling."

Remy was taken for treatment at Birmingham Children's Hospital after the incident, which happened at about 21:30 BST on 8 October.

Det Con Debbie Hickinbottom said: "Fortunately, the child was not permanently harmed and she has made a speedy recovery.

"However, the incident has left her mother deeply shaken."

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