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Wolverhampton father and daughter attacked by burglars

An elderly man and his daughter have been attacked by two burglars as they slept in their home in the early hours.

The 51-year-old daughter leapt from a first-floor window in Beckminster Road, Wolverhampton, in a bid to escape and is in hospital with minor injuries.

Her 76-year-old father was knocked unconscious in Wednesday's attack.

Police said despite carrying out such a brutal assault, the two men only got away with a gold ring, ripped from a finger of the elderly victim.

One of the men was about 5ft tall, dressed in dark clothing, wearing a white head covering or hood and carrying a torch. The other was 5ft 10ins tall and wore dark clothing with a face covering.

They broke into the house and beat the father as he slept before moving on to his daughter in another bedroom.

'Absolutely terrifying'

She is said to be recovering well in hospital after jumping about 15ft [5m], while the father has returned home from hospital, police said.

The West Midlands force appealed for witnesses who may have seen the two offenders running away from the house at about 01:45 BST.

Investigating officer Det Con Gary Thompson, from Wolverhampton CID, said: "This must have been absolutely terrifying for the victims who were subjected to an utterly appalling amount of violence.

"It's completely incomprehensible as to why someone would want to knowingly beat a 76-year-old man in his own bed.

"Thankfully, burglaries involving such violence are extremely rare and most offenders will strike when the house is empty."

The ring, which was ripped from the man's finger while he was unconscious, is described as having three tiers of diamonds. The force said it wanted to hear from anyone offered jewellery matching this description.

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