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Samantha Hughes and Steven Reid jailed for stealing pensioner's life savings

A care worker and her boyfriend have been jailed for stealing an elderly man's bank card and spending nearly all of his £3,000 life savings.

Samantha Hughes, 30, of Petersham Road, Kingstanding in Birmingham, stole the 76-year-old's bank card from his flat at a residential home where she worked.

She spent the money on a television, a bed and clothes with Steven Reid, 42, from Wootton Grove, Kingstanding.

They were jailed for 10 months each at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday.

Both had pleaded guilty to theft at the court in August.

Hughes found the card and its pin number under a cushion in the man's flat at Manor House care home in Great Barr where the man kept it for "safe keeping", police said.

It said by the time the man reported his card missing the couple had left him with just £4.71 in his account.

'Driven by greed'

The couple withdrew £1,100 in cash and used the rest of the money to buy other goods in January.

Hughes and Reid were caught after police studied CCTV from shops and cash machines where the card had been used.

Officers later found a new TV unopened in its packaging at Reid's home and receipts for clothes at Hughes' house.

The force said the man was unlikely to get his money back from the bank because he had kept the card and pin number in the same place.

Pc Daniel Pugh said: "This is a heart-breaking case and an elderly gentleman has had his savings cleaned out by a couple driven purely by greed.

"They knew the card belonged to a disabled man and that he wasn't a wealthy man with money to burn.

"Hughes was not in desperate need of money....At no stage did they feel guilt or any compassion towards their victim and they've rightly been jailed."

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