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Barr Beacon in Walsall to get £440,000 revamp

image captionThieves have ripped copper from the memorial's roof

A Walsall landmark attacked by copper thieves is to undergo a £440,000 restoration over three years.

Barr Beacon, which is on one of the highest points in the West Midlands, has been awarded the grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

The revamp aims to reinstate the site "as a shining beacon of community pride", the HLF said.

The war memorial has been attacked several times by thieves stripping copper from its roof.

The memorial was built to honour people from Staffordshire and Warwickshire who died in World War I.

Walsall Council will oversee the Raising the Barr project, which will restore the site's heritage features, including a rare design of flagpole and a historic tree plantation, a HLF spokeswoman said.

'Exciting future'

The war memorial will be restored and rededicated as a memorial to servicemen and women throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries.

The monument will also be forensically marked as part of the Memoriam 2014 scheme, which aims to protect memorials around the UK.

Councillor Adrian Andrew, chairman of the Barr Beacon Trust, said: "This is a fantastic day for everyone who cares about Barr Beacon's rich past and its exciting future.

"The In Memoriam 2014 scheme is helping us to tackle the thoughtless minority who want to spoil this landmark and insult the memories of servicemen and women it honours."

The revamp aims to bring more activities to the site, including remembrance services, wildlife walks and astronomy events.

Mr Andrew said the grant would help ensure Barr Beacon would be enjoyed by future generations throughout the borough.

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