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'Bionic cat' makes recovery after falling four storeys

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Media captionSebastian the cat was given a 10% chance of survival after falling from a fourth-storey window

A pet has been named "the bionic cat" after he was fitted with pins and supports following a fall from a fourth storey window.

Sebastian's owners returned to their flat in Edgbaston, Birmingham, to discover him missing in August.

A day later they were contacted by the RSPCA who had found the tabby struggling to breath on the pavement.

Fearing the worst they rushed him to their vets where he was given a 10% chance of survival.

But three months on, he has made a full recovery and his owners think he may even be jumping higher because of the metal supports in his legs.

Patison Harrigan and his partner Katrin Toots had to tube feed their pet and make sure he got plenty of rest while he recovered from his injuries.

Ms Toots said: "We came home and couldn't find him.

"We saw the window was open and the blind was a bit twisted and we realised he'd gone out of the window."

Despite searching the neighbourhood they could not find him as he had been picked up by the RSPCA who contacted the couple after they scanned his microchip.

Vet Mark Barton, from Manor Vets in Halesowen, said: "He deteriorated quite rapidly over the first night. His injuries were critical.

"When he was presented his chance of survival was 10% but it deteriorated to less than that over the first 24 hours."

Mr Barton said Sebastian's owners' dedication to their pet had been incredible.

Image caption Mr Harrigan said he could not believe how well Sebastian had recovered

He said: "They fed him through a tube at home, they were incredibly caring. It was hard work."

He added the external supports could now be removed leaving only the external pins.

The couple's pet insurance paid £4,000 towards his treatment with them paying a further £2,000 from their own finances.

Mr Harrigan said: "I still can't believe he's got through it.

"He jumps a little bit higher now since the metal was put in him. He's become a bit bionic.

"He won't be going through airports any time soon."

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