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Streetly homes flooded and evacuated after pipe bursts

Up to 150 homes in the West Midlands have been flooded after a 36in (91.4cm) water main burst.

The pipe leading to the Barr Beacon reservoir burst in the early hours, flooding properties in the Blackwood Estate in Streetly.

South Staffs Water said it was made aware of the problem at about 05:30 GMT and that engineers isolated the burst.

Workers for the water company and Walsall Council will stay in the area over the weekend.

West Midlands Fire Service said flood water, which has since receded, had been 3ft (0.91m) deep in places.

'Gushing noise'

Sheila Howard, who lives on the estate, said she had been alerted by the "roar of the water".

Image caption Samantha Morris said her house had been "ruined" by the flood water

Ms Howard, whose basement was in 5ft of water, said: "It frightened me to death because I'm here all alone."

Samantha Morris, who lives near Ms Howard, was also woken by the "gushing noise".

She said: "I came downstairs and the settees were floating and all my daughter's toys were everywhere. The house is ruined.

"We haven't bothered clearing up because we don't know where to start. I don't know how we're going to replace things."

'Team effort'

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said one man had suffered an electric shock as he stood in water while a woman had suffered a minor head injury after falling.

He said crews remained at the scene until 12.30 GMT, helping the fire service who were running a boat in the more flooded areas.

Mac McGregor, area commander for the service, said it had been a "real team effort" to get the situation under control.

"The water has just gulfed into the main housing estate and followed a natural path because the estate is on a hill and it's just gone downhill.

"Wherever the stream of water has gone it's had an impact on all the houses."

About 60 firefighters attended the flood with many working in individuals' homes.

Mr McGregor added that the council had organised the cleaning of drains and gullies to help the water filter away from the estate.

A spokesman for South Staffs Water said it was trying to contact all residents affected by the flood.

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