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World record bid boat being built in Dudley

An ocean adventurer who is attempting to smash a world power boating record is having his new vessel built in the Black Country.

Alan Priddy is hoping to break the record for power boating around the world, a journey of 24,000 miles.

The current fastest time stands at just under 61 days.

Mr Priddy is having his 90 ft (27m) aluminium boat, the Good Heart, built at Micklewrights Structures in Dudley.

'Perfect formula'

During his career Priddy has amassed 37 boating world records.

He described the record attempt to circumnavigate the globe as "the pinnacle".

He is hoping to complete the voyage in 50 days or fewer.

Image caption Alan Priddy will set off in Good Heart from Gibraltar

"We've come to Dudley in the West Midlands for the skills that we've got around us now," he said

"I needed to work with a structural engineering company. My knowledge of the sea and their knowledge of putting metal together, we've got it, we've got a perfect formula here."

Andy Micklewright, joint managing director of the company, said it was "great news" for Micklewrights.

Chris Kelly, Conservative MP for Dudley South, called it a "real flagship project".

Priddy aims to set off on what he hopes will be a record-breaking voyage from Gibraltar next February.

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