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We welcome your comments, stories, pictures and feedback on BBC Birmingham & Black Country's output.

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Do you have a Birmingham or Black Country news story?

Our News Interactive West Midlands team would love to hear from you.

They are based at the BBC's headquarters for the West Midlands in Birmingham.

If you have any comments about coverage of a news story or a news story suggestion for News Interactive, please send an e-mail to:

However, if your story is for the regional television news programme Midlands Today, please send your e-mail to:

You can also contact News Interactive by post: BBC News Interactive West Midlands, The Mailbox, Level 9, Birmingham, B1 1AY.

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You can contact us by phone on 0121 567 6000, or by sending an e-mail to:

Our postal address is BBC Birmingham and Black Country website, The Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1AY.

We can't guarantee to use everything we receive, but your input is strongly valued.

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