Reading University to end pheasant shooting on its grounds

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Pheasants are shot at the University of Reading's farm

The University of Reading said it will end pheasant shooting on it grounds.

The university leases its land at Hall Farm in Arborfield, Berkshire, for game bird shooting.

But following a review, the university said it would not renew the agreement which ends in February 2020.

Animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports (Lacs), who campaigned to end the practice on the university's grounds, said it was delighted with the decision.

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Pheasant shooting will end in February 2020

The university said the review considered evidence from groups in favour and against game shooting, as well as comments from students and staff.

A spokesman said: "While there are many arguments for and against game shooting, this decision was taken based on what is the most appropriate use of university land, based on our values and plans for the future.

"We are committed to maintaining close links with outside groups and the local community across all our operations, including on our farms.

"We are grateful to all those who engaged with us positively throughout this review process."

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The League Against Cruel Sports said it was delighted with the university's decision

Chris Luffingham, from Lacs, said: "The ecological impact of the commercial shooting industry is huge, and we would urge all private landowners to follow the university's good example and ban shooting for 'sport' on their land.

"Until this happens the League will continue to campaign to end commercial shooting in the UK."

Earlier this year the University of Wales stopped pheasant shooting at its farm in Powys.

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