Windsor double yellow lines 'error' removed

image copyrightPaul Docherty
image captionCouncillor Edward Wilson said it was a "clerical error" and "one of those errors that happen from time to time"

Double yellow lines painted on a street had to be removed days later because a council forgot to tell its roadworkers householders had voted against them.

The parking restrictions were part of a consultation among residents around St Andrews Crescent, Windsor, but the plan was rejected in a public vote.

Despite this, council workers painted the lines on 5 November.

Resident Paul Docherty said he was "quite surprised" to see them going down and contacted the council.

Councillor Edward Wilson admitted it was down to a "clerical error" and "one of those errors that happen from time to time".

"It's very unfortunate and frustrating... it is life," he said.

image copyrightPaul Docherty
image captionThe lines have been removed leaving the road looking "scorched"

The consultation, which ended on 16 September, had been requested after concerns over parents parking as they go to a local school.

Mr Docherty said "residents in this street voted for [the lines]," but people in surrounding streets voted against.

The final vote was 79% against the lines and 21% in favour.

Council workers removed the lines earlier, a week after they were painted.

"They've covered them all in black, it looks like the road has been scorched," Mr Docherty said.

Ward councillor, Mr Wilson, said: "We'll certainly be having a look at this and see what's gone on and if there are lessons for the future."

image copyrightPaul Docherty
image captionCouncil workers removed the lines on Monday, a week after they were painted

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