'Horrid smell' at Berkshire nature caused by 100 dead fish

The dead fish Image copyright Leigh Bremner
Image caption The smell was created by the dead fish, the algae and a delayed waste collection

Visitors to a nature centre complained of a "horrid smell" after about 100 dead fish were discovered in its lake.

Staff at the Nature Discovery Centre in Thatcham, Berkshire, removed most of the fish on Sunday after complaints from members of the public.

They said about 100 carp and perch died after an increase in algae reduced oxygen levels in the water.

A spokeswoman for the centre said it remained open despite "very difficult circumstances".

'Distressing for all'

Dr Kate Dent, conservation director at the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, said its priority was "maintaining safety and access".

She said: "The appearance of the lake and the dead fish has obviously been distressing.

"We believe the reduction in air temperature and breaking up of the bloom should help return the lake to normal very shortly."

Dr Dent added the smell was due to the "algal bloom" breaking down, dead fish they could not retrieve and a delay in the centre's commercial waste collection.

Leigh Bremner posted pictures of the dead fish on Twitter and said here was a "horrid smell this weekend".

Image copyright S Bearley
Image caption Most of the fish were removed after reports from members of the public
Image copyright Leigh Bremner
Image caption The dead fish were mostly perch and carp
Image copyright S Bearley
Image caption Centre staff said an algal bloom reduced the amount of oxygen in the water

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