Burghfield allotment sewage spill cleared up

A clean up operation is under way at an allotment site in Berkshire that was flooded with sewage on Christmas Eve.

Gardeners who grow vegetables on the site near Burghfield village said they were upset nothing was done to prevent it.

They say Thames Water failed to act despite a series of earlier discharges from the network of pipes nearby.

Thames Water said it understood the allotment holders' concerns and was working hard to clear the spillage.

Sewage was found spraying from a blocked pipe on Christmas Eve after the pumping station next to the site was unable to cope with the volumes of sewage.

'Covered in muck'

Cally Morris, Burghfield Parish Council clerk, said: "Want for a better word - disgusting. I can't really elaborate anymore than that without being quite graphic. Not nice."

Craig Rance, from Thames Water, said: "We understand there have been problems, which have been going on for a while here.

"Right here at the moment our job is to get this fixed and sorted and to get it cleaned up because no-one wants to be living with this at them moment in their allotments. It's disgusting."

Parish councillor John Valentine said: "I wonder what we have to do.

"What can be worse than the amount of effluence we've had spread over people's allotments where they're growing their own food.

"People here are doing their best to live a nice life and it's covered in muck."

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