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Reading revised religious education syllabus set for approval


School pupils in Reading are set to get a new religious education syllabus that better reflects the different faiths in their community.

Teachers in the town will be granted more flexibility to adapt RE classes according to the "make-up of their classroom", said a religious adviser.

The new syllabus encourages more community-based learning by inviting faith practitioners to give talks.

It will be recommended for approval at a council cabinet meeting on Monday.

The reason for the change was to recognise the "mult-culti" community in Reading, said Mustafa Chaudhary, vice chair of Reading's Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE).

'Diverse and respectful'

He added that Reading was thought to be one of the most culturally diverse towns in the South East.

The proposed syllabus is the result of extensive consultation with local teachers, faith groups and RE advisers, said Reading Borough Council.

It is expected to approve the new syllabus, which will start this year, until 2017 when a review will take place.

Lead Councillor for Education John Ennis said: "We are committed to ensuring that our schools, which provide education for children who come from a wide range of backgrounds, have a diverse and respectful religious education programme.

"I have no doubt that this syllabus will promote more understanding and help us come together as a community in Reading."

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