Reading council to charge supermarkets for trolleys

Supermarkets in a Berkshire town could get charged for shopping trolleys abandoned by their customers.

Reading Borough Council wants to charge stores for each dumped trolley, depending on whether it is returned or disposed of.

The authority already contacts stores when trolleys are dumped, but some have to be removed by council staff.

Under the plans, the council would charge £15 for removal, £7.50 a week for storage and £15 for returns.

Supermarkets would have to pay £50 for the council to dispose of each trolley.

Councillor Paul Gittings, who is responsible for the environment, said: "Unsightly dumped shopping trolleys are a blight on local areas and it is only fair that businesses who do not put in place appropriate measures to collect them have to pay for their retrieval."

The plans will be the subject of a consultation before a final decision is made.

One of the companies that could be affected by the plans is Tesco, which has several stores in the town.

A spokesman said: "We do all we can to make sure that trolleys are not taken off the premises - it costs us money as well as blights the local environment.

"If trolleys are abandoned, our staff will always come and collect them from surrounding streets."

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