Capt Sir Tom 100: Family unveils NHS fundraiser's 'birthday challenge'

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Captain Sir Tom Moore, originally from Keighley near Bradford, raised almost £33m for charities supporting the NHS

The family of Captain Sir Tom Moore have encouraged people to take on their own "100" challenge on what would have been his 101st birthday weekend.

The Army veteran, who raised almost £33m for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden before he turned 100, died on 2 February.

People have been asked to create their own challenge around the number 100 to raise money for charity.

Any challenges would take place on the 30 April-3 May bank holiday weekend.

Capt Sir Tom, whose fundraising walk in his garden in Marston Moretaine captured the hearts of the nation last year, died with coronavirus at Bedford Hospital.

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Captain Sir Tom Moore's family hopes to continue his fundraising legacy

His daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore urged people to create their own challenge to raise money for the Captain Tom Foundation or a charity of their choice.

Ms Ingram-Moore said her family were "still a grieving family" but are "propelled forward by hope".

"I really hope people see this [100 challenge] for what it is, which is an absolute chance to bring joy, put money back into charities and support the Captain Tom Foundation, which after all is the legacy of hope that he's left us," she said.

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Capt Sir Tom alongside daughters Lucy Teixeira (left) and Hannah Ingram-Moore (right)

She said the family had spoken with Capt Sir Tom about what they might do for his 101st birthday.

"The number 100 - it really meant a lot to my father - and he was fully part of this next event to celebrate his 101st birthday and we fully expected him to be at it."

She said the family would take part by continuing Capt Sir Tom's walk "right where he left it because we feel it's the only right thing to do".

"We've talked about is that 100 [laps] a day? Is that 25 each? We're still working out the finer details," she said.

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Capt Sir Tom Moore's family pay tribute to pandemic fundraising hero

Ms Ingram-Moore added: "We want people to go crazy and create their own 100 - a challenge around the number 100.

"Because he was 100 and he was so proud to be 100.

"We thought of whether it should be 101, but it's definitely 100 because that year he lived being 100 was the best year of his life, almost certainly."

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Captain Sir Tom Moore received his knighthood from the Queen at Windsor Castle

Ideas suggested include walking 100 steps, scoring 100 goals, baking 100 cakes or writing a 100-word poem - adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Ms Ingram-Moore said her father "loved the beach so he would have said 100 sandcastles or jump 100 waves".

She the challenge "feels like the perfect way to celebrate the hope and joy we know he inspired in so many" and her father "would have loved the idea that everyone could get involved".

"Just be in his spirit of hope... just help to keep that legacy of hope alive, that my father gave us," she added.

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