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Woman cleared of partner's murder after judge stops trial

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image captionSherry Naidoo admitted hitting Paul Jenner at their home in Houghton Regis, but was cleared of his murder

A woman who admitted assaulting her partner has been cleared of murder and manslaughter charges after the judge stopped her trial.

Sherry Naidoo, 37, admitted hitting Paul Jenner at their home in Dylan Court in Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire on 23 October last year.

Mr Jenner, 41, was treated for facial injuries in hospital and died 12 days later from a brain bleed.

Naidoo, 37, was sentenced to 16 months in prison for the assault charge.

Judge Lynn Tayton ruled there was no case to answer on the murder charge nor for the alternative charge of manslaughter.

She directed the jury to deliver two not guilty verdicts.

'Insufficient evidence'

Five days before striking Mr Jenner in October, Naidoo had been released from prison having served a sentence for assaulting him last year in April.

Mr Jenner was admitted to hospital the day after he was assaulted by Naidoo in October and doctors found he had suffered two bleeds on his brain.

Twelve days after he wad admitted to hospital he suffered a further bleed to his brain which led to his death.

The prosecution argued that Naidoo had caused the injuries to Mr Jenner's face and she was also responsible for the bleeding which occurred within his brain.

But the trial was halted when it emerged there was no evidence the assault had caused Mr Jenner to fall to the ground.

The judge said there was insufficient evidence for a jury to infer Naidoo had intended to kill him or to cause him serious harm.

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