Coronavirus: Knitted key workers in window 'spread joy'

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Knitted figures in window with signs "Stay at home. Protect the NHS" and "We stayed at work for you now stay at home for us please"Image source, Farzana Chaudry
Image caption,
The knitted scene features NHS workers including a surgeon, nurses and a paramedic

Knitted key workers - including a surgeon, greengrocer and cleaner - have been "spreading joy" to neighbours from a front room window.

Farzana Chaudry "knitted like the clappers" over the past two weeks to create a scene of characters on her windowsill in Watford.

"I thought it would be good for people to stop and think for a bit," she said.

The figures' placards remind passersby to "Protect the NHS" and "We stayed at work for you now stay at home for us".

Image source, Farzana Chaudry
Image caption,
The nine knitted figures have proved popular with people in Watford
Image source, Farzana Chaudry
Image caption,
Mrs Chaudry said she was known for her knitted creations, including this tableau of planets, Tim Peake and the Queen....
Image source, Farzana Chaudry
Image caption,
...and the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan

Ms Chaudry, who works for a pharmaceutical company, added her sole aim was to "give the neighbours something to look at during their daily exercise".

Describing herself as "a bit eccentric", she said she was well known around Watford for her knitted window displays, including a celebration of Harry and Meghan's wedding in 2018, and the return to Earth in 2016 of International Space Centre astronaut Tim Peake.

"I worked really hard into the night to get it all done - with some I just needed to redo the outfits," she said of her latest display, which features nine workers.

"My next door neighbour messaged me to say there had been a steady stream of people walking by with their children and taking photos. It's been wonderful.

"I'm just trying to spread some much needed joy in difficult times."

Her creativity has been praised on social media, with people commenting "they always put a smile on my face" and "we happened to be passing by on a bike ride - lovely display!"

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