Notre Dame re-created from matchsticks by Welwyn man

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David Harding and matchstick Notre Dame
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David Harding with the Notre Dame made entirely from matchsticks

A man has spent a year making a replica of Notre Dame Cathedral using 12,000 matchsticks.

David Harding from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire said he put in about 1,000 hours of work, with each spire taking a week of painstaking gluing.

"It's just something to do... I really enjoyed doing it," he said.

The creator has completed other iconic buildings out of matchsticks including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tower Bridge, and the White House.

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The "building" took a year to complete

Mr Harding said he bought a design plan to work from and also had to buy special larger sticks "which are very cheap" to construct the replicas.

"I sit here between four and six hours a day, six days a week. I just love doing it. I'm listening to the telly and doing my matchsticks," he said.

"Tower Bridge I hired out to a film company and got £300 for the week and hopefully, [this one] is not quite finished yet - I've got to lacquer it - hopefully I'll sell this one because those who do it in America make a fortune."

He said if he sold Notre Dame he would expect it to fetch a "fair price" of about £1,000.

Not all his matchstick creations are of famous buildings. He is currently working on a bungalow which will also have a veranda, satellite TV dish and a chimney pot.

His top tip for anyone wanting to build similar things from scratch is to take plenty of photographs then draw the plan and "you can make anything - budgie cages, motor cars, lorries".

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The iconic Paris cathedral will now be lacquered