Stevenage carer 'speechless' after trolls mock disabled teen

image copyrightTerri Holland
image captionTerri Holland [right] has cared for Ellie Matraves, 16, for the past five years

A woman has hit back at online trolls who left abusive comments on a lip-sync made by the 16-year-old she cares for.

Ellie Matraves, from Stevenage, has cerebral palsy and loves doing videos to artists like Ariana Grande, The Vamps and Union J.

But carer Terri Holland, 25, said comments on a recent one included "she should of [sic] been put down at birth" and "I hope she get cancer and dies".

She said: "Why do people... find it acceptable to say things like this?"

Miss Holland, also from the Hertfordshire town, has cared for Ellie for the past five years.

In a Facebook post first reported by The Comet, she said Ellie has had "four major brain surgeries over the years and fights battles involving her disability every day".

image copyrightTerri Holland
image captionOne of Terri Holland and Ellie Matraves' lip-sync videos was viewed 200,000 times online

Miss Holland said the pair had signed up to video app TikTok to post fun lip-sync videos.

She said: "Obviously, I didn't go into this being naive, I knew if our videos started getting noticed we would have some horrible comments about Ellie, that's just the world we live in and I was prepared for that and so was Ellie."

But Miss Holland said the amount of "nasty hurtful and disgusting things" posted on a video which reached 200,000 hits had left her "speechless with anger".

"Why do people in this day and age find it acceptable to say things like this to someone who is disabled? Or to anyone for that matter," she said.

image copyrightTerri Holland
image captionEllie Matraves has said she will continue to post videos despite receiving abuse