Milton Keynes car park reverts to dedicated disabled bays

Image caption, Indigo has reverted to dedicated disabled bays following customer feedback

A company that invited able-bodied drivers to park in disabled bays has changed the policy after it was branded "disgraceful".

Indigo's trial allowed anyone to park in disabled bays when "normal bays" in its Milton Keynes car park, The Quadrant, were full.

The company had said blue badge holders could park in other bays for free if all disabled spaces were taken.

Indigo said following feedback, it had reverted to dedicated disabled bays.

Image caption, Indigo has removed signs in the car park that said anyone could park in disabled bays

Nikki Lancaster, who has a disabled son and uses the car park, told BBC Three Counties Radio the trial was "absolutely disgraceful".

"If you have a disabled child who's a wheelchair user and you have a tonne of medical equipment, you need the extra room for your child to leave the car," she said.

"If you're driving round a car park and there are no disabled spaces, you end up going home."

A spokesperson for Indigo said: "Following a trial of dual-use bays at MK Quadrant, we have decided that dedicated bays for blue badge holders will offer the best service for customers."

The company has removed signs in the car park which said able-bodied people could park in disabled bays.