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Caesarean vlog to change perceptions

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Media captionStephen and Holly Skinner made a video blog of their pregnancy and birth experience ahead of baby Atlas' arrival

A couple who videoed the Caesarean birth of their son say they wanted to change perceptions about the procedure.

Stephen and Holly Skinner, from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, broadcast videos of the pregnancy on Facebook and parenting site Channel Mum.

Footage taken before and after their son Atlas was delivered has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

"It's not for fame or glory - it's to show planned Caesareans are more common than people think," Mr Skinner said.

"They're not as awful as people make out, and it doesn't mean you're a bad mother if you have one. Sometimes it's the middle ground.

"For us, it was the safest way to have our baby and we followed medical advice."

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Image caption Baby Atlas was delivered by planned Caesarean on 28 December

Atlas was delivered on 28 December at 38 weeks as he was "measuring large", Mr Skinner said.

"We went in for a 'stretch and sweep' procedure on Christmas Day to try to get things moving, but that didn't work so doctors planned to induce Holly on Boxing Day.

"It was a long-drawn out process and in the end, it was decided it would be too risky because his head had moved, so a C-section was booked in instead."

Mr Skinner said they had experienced "so much positive interaction" after the videos of their experience were posted online.

"We've had old school friends getting in touch, and complete strangers, thanking us for sharing the videos and saying it had made them re-live their own experiences.

"It's been really positive."

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