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Sainsbury's in Singhbury's Aylesbury shop name sign row

image captionThe shop's owner said Sainsbury's thought his sign looked like their own supermarket signs

A shopkeeper removed the sign outside his store after supermarket giant Sainsbury's said it looked too much like theirs, he has claimed.

Singhbury's Local in Aylesbury put its orange sign up last year.

Co-owner Inderjit Singh Nagpal said Sainsbury's objected, but he said "Singh" was his middle name, "bury" referred to Aylesbury and the colour orange was important to Sikhs.

Sainsbury's said it contacted the shop after its customers raised "concerns".

The sign was erected early last year but removed from the shop front in October.

A spokeswoman for the supermarket said: "There were no legal proceedings around this but we did contact the owners after customers raised their concerns with us."

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Initially Mr Nagpal told the BBC it had been taken down because of water damage. However, he has now said it was because Sainsbury's contacted him.

image captionThere is currently no sign above the Weedon Road store

He said although he was prepared to change the colour of the sign, he would not change the name because he could justify it.

Mr Nagpal said he hoped his legal representatives and Sainsbury's would reach a decision next week.

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