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Granddad injured in burglary for strip club spree

Jack Sibley and Warren Reid Image copyright Herts Police
Image caption Jack Sibley and Warren Reid planned a spending spree with £4,000 stolen from a grandfather

A man has been jailed, along with his friend, for injuring his own grandfather in order to steal £4,000 from a safe to spend at a strip club.

Jack Sibley, 21, and Warren Reid, 22, broke into 82-year-old Barry Sibley's home in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, but the grandfather had a Ghurkha knife.

The victim lost a finger and was badly injured but survived to give evidence.

Sibley was jailed for 19 years and Reid for 19 years and nine months at St Albans Crown Court.

'Ferocious attack'

The grandfather, Barry Sibley, told the court he was woken on 13 May last year and grabbed the knife he kept close to his bed.

But he was grabbed and stabbed in the chest, had a finger cut off and was tipped down the stairs suffering a fractured skull.

Image copyright JOHN O REILLY 07850 840246
Image caption Barry Sibley is now recovered from life-threatening injuries

Reid, from Luton, and Jack Sibley, from Stevenage, each blamed the other for inflicting the injuries.

They were acquitted of attempted murder but convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Police found messages on their mobile phones about plans for a spending spree and a visit to a strip club.

Judge Gullick said it had been a "ferocious and sickening attack".

"One of you had the knife. Which one of you it was, only you know since each of you has always blamed the other.

"You were equally criminally responsible."

Sibley's mother, Lorraine, was jailed for 12 months for perverting the course of justice by claiming her son had cut his hand on glass.

Her marriage was ended by Barry Sibley's son Alan and she has lost her job as a teaching assistant.

Sibley told the judge he had written to his grandfather to apologise for a crime that had torn the family apart.

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