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Moth trapped in Aylesbury man's ear for two days

Robert Fielding Image copyright Robert Fielding
Image caption Robert Fielding had to miss his cousin's wedding after the moth became stuck earlier this month

A moth got stuck inside a man's ear for two days and now takes pride of place on a bookshelf at his home.

Robert Fielding, from Aylesbury, said he accidentally pushed it into his ear canal after it flew at him while he was reading his tablet computer in bed.

He went to A&E, but it was so far inside he had to wait another 48 hours until specialists could remove it at another hospital.

The 1cm moth now sits on his bookshelf.

Mr Fielding described the "horrible sensation" he experienced while the moth was in his ear.

"It was right by my ear drum so it was making such a loud noise," he said.

"It was a horrible sensation. It was like an annoying tickle, but it was so spontaneous. I was jumping and twitching all the time.

"I certainly kept the taxi driver amused on the way to hospital."

Image copyright Robert Fielding
Image caption The moth now sits on Mr Fielding's bookshelf

The 43-year-old said when nurses first inspected the ear they could see a leg moving, but after a few hours the noises stopped and it was presumed the moth had died.

However, he had to wait a further two days until it could be removed by specialists in Oxford earlier this month.

"It made me feel quite ill and it affected my balance, so I had to miss my cousin's wedding," Mr Fielding said.

"It was really painful and there was a horrible 'pop' as it came out in one go.

"My kids found it amusing - as soon as I brought it home my son grabbed it and took it round to all his friend's houses to show them."

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