Milton Keynes 'bonkers' blocked pavement 'not for pedestrians'

image captionThe council leader said the lamp-post's location was "absolutely bonkers"

Residents complaining about a "bonkers" pavement blocked by a lamp-post have been told by the council it is not a footpath, but a "service margin".

People in Oxley Park, Milton Keynes, want the post removed because it is stopping them walking on the pavement.

Responding to complaints from people in Kelly Gardens, the council said it was designed to house utility services and not for pedestrians.

A spokesman said its hard surface was "clearly causing confusion".

One resident on the estate said people had to step into the road to walk around the lamp-post.

'Crackers' design

The council spokesman said the 1m (3ft) wide strip had a hard surface to stop it being destroyed.

"In our experience where service margins have had turf coverings, they get destroyed by car wheels etc and we advise developers accordingly.

"The light column is the last thing to go in, so there are limited options as to where it can be placed."

Council leader Andrew Geary said that on the face of it, it was "absolutely bonkers" but it was not an adopted footway.

He said planning permission had been granted "under the design codes that were adopted for the 'new' Milton Keynes, which designed footpaths and put houses going out on to streets".

He added that the design was "crackers" and council officers had been asked to look for a solution.

"There are a number of options that can be looked at but some of them may not be workable in this particular instance," he said.

"But if the lamp-post isn't wanted by residents, then [removing it] seems the most sensible solution."

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