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Darrell Farnham shot with crossbow 'over drug debt'

A drug dealer was shot dead with a crossbow on his doorstep by one of his clients over a debt, a court heard.

Darrell Farnham was killed at his home in Aylesbury by Russell Gill, who owed him £6,000, Reading Crown Court heard.

Mr Farnham was shot at point-blank range through the heart on 23 June, the jury was told.

Gill, 42, of Lavender Walk, Aylesbury, admits manslaughter but denies murder, claiming Mr Farnham's death was an accident.

Crossbow and sword

The court heard how Gill had a drugs habit and used to buy amphetamine from Mr Farnham, running up a debt of £6,000.

The prosecution alleges that on the day of the killing, Gill had heard that Mr Farnham had been making threats to kill him.

Gill showed his nephew a crossbow, telling him: "I'll get to him first and if it comes to it, I'll use this," the court heard.

He also allegedly showed his nephew a samurai sword.

The prosecution alleges Gill took these weapons and knocked on the door of Mr Farnham's home in Belgrave Road.

Police later found Mr Farnham collapsed on the floor with blood on his chest.

'Attacked by dog'

He had managed to pull the crossbow bolt out of his body and was holding it in his outstretched hand.

The prosecution said that after killing Mr Farnham, Gill went to his sister's house opposite, leaving the crossbow and sword there, and then returned home.

Police cordoned off the crime scene that night but it was not until four days later that Gill was arrested.

He told police he had only intended to scare Mr Farnham but the victim's dog had attacked him during the argument and the crossbow had gone off by mistake.

But the prosecution said this was a clinical execution of a man he had come to hate.

The trial is expected to conclude next week.

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