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Call for Hertfordshire streetlight policy changes

Streetlights in Hertfordshire which have been switched off at night, could return to some routes under proposals discussed by councillors.

The council hailed the year-long trial, which has seen most streetlights switched off between midnight and 06:00, a success for saving over £1m.

But a scrutiny group has proposed changes, including re-lighting roads regularly used by pedestrians at night.

Councillor Terry Douris said he would "respond to the recommendations".

'No crime rise'

Hertfordshire County Council's part-night lighting strategy, designed to reduce the council's energy bill and carbon emissions, began in summer 2011 and was completed by September 2012.

Night lighting was retained in town centres and other areas of "significant night-time activity", plus around junctions, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings, or where there was a history of night-time accidents.

Mr Douris, who is responsible for the county's highways, said: "We have saved £1.18m and from April 2014 will save £90,000 in carbon tax and that figure is due to increase every year.

"There has been no increase in crime and no increase in road traffic accidents."

However, after listening to the views of groups such as the police and residents, a council scrutiny committee has recommended retaining lighting after midnight on routes "always used by pedestrians at night" and turning them off where roads are not generally used by people on foot late at night.

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