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Rachel Manning murder: 'Good Samaritan' helped catch killer

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Media captionLorry driver David Roger's report of a sex assault led police to murderer Shahidul Ahmed

A "good Samaritan" has described the night he unwittingly pinpointed a killer who had lived undetected for a decade.

In 2010, David Rogers, of Bletchley, helped a teenager who had been attacked to get home and reported the incident to police.

Shahidul Ahmed, 41, was later arrested for the assault and convicted.

Ahmed's DNA was then linked to the 2000 murder of Rachel Manning, 19, and was jailed for the crime on Wednesday.

After the conviction, Miss Manning's family described Mr Rogers as a "good Samaritan" and added: "Without his actions, the DNA evidence crucial in this conviction would never have come to light."

Mr Rogers had been driving in Bletchley in the early hours of a spring morning in 2010 when he saw a car pull up alongside a young teenager.

"She got into [the car] and then about a minute later she got out screaming and started to walk away," he said.

'Kept following'

"The car drove off, then came back and pulled up near her and kept watching her."

Mr Rogers got out of his car to ask the girl if she was alright and she told him the man in the car had tried to attack her.

The girl did not want to report the incident so he walked her home but the car kept following them.

Image caption Rachel Manning went missing after going to a 1970s themed fancy dress party

"I walked her to her front door and then walked back to my car and he kept following me," he said.

"I took the registration number and went to the police."

Ahmed was jailed for life with a minimum term of 17 years.

Mr Rogers said he had no idea he had helped to catch a murder suspect until he got a call from the police two years later.

"I actually found out when I had a phone call from the police last December asking me to appear as a witness," he said.

"I couldn't believe it to start with."

Miss Manning's boyfriend, Barri White, and his friend Keith Hyatt were jailed over the murder in 2002 but the convictions were quashed in 2007.

It followed an investigation by the BBC programme Rough Justice.

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