Barbados rapes: Police chief removed

By Nic Rigby
BBC News

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Image caption, Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin claimed at a press conference that the case had been investigated thoroughly

A British woman who was raped in Barbados has welcomed the removal of island's Police Commissioner.

Dr Rachel Turner, 30, of Hertfordshire, was attacked in October 2010, as was Diane Davies, 63, from Anglesey.

Both women waived their right to anonymity to criticise the rape inquiry after Barbadian police claimed 47-year-old Derrick Crawford was their rapist - despite their assertion he was not.

Commissioner Darwin Dottin has been put on administrative leave, said police.

The BBC understands Commissioner Dottin is fighting the decision by the Barbados Police Services Commission to remove him.

'Absolutely delighted'

Dr Turner, who grew up near Letchworth, and holds a research post at the University of the West Indies, and Mrs Davies, of Valley in Anglesey, waived their right to anonymity to clear the name of Mr Crawford.

The case against him was dismissed by a Barbadian court in December last year.

Dr Turner and Mrs Davies have called for an inquiry into their treatment by Barbadian police and into why officers kept insisting on Mr Crawford's guilt long after the women told them he was not the attacker, and when there was no forensic evidence linking Mr Crawford to the crimes.

Commissioner Dottin told a press conference following the dismissal of the case that the Royal Barbados Police had reviewed the case files and there was "nothing that would keep me awake at night on the matter".

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Image caption, Rape victims Dr Rachel Turner and Diane Davies fought to clear Derick Crawford's name

He suggested that Dr Turner and Mrs Davies may not have recognised the attacker because he was a "different race".

Mrs Davies told the BBC she was "absolutely delighted" that Commissioner Dottin was no longer in charge.

"He supported the police investigation and turned on us," said Mrs Davies.

She called on whoever replaces Commissioner Dottin to "reopen the case and find the man who attacked us".

The Foreign Office said: "We are aware of the removal of the police commissioner. This is a matter for the Barbadian authorities."

He said the British High Commissioner had no involvement in the decision.

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