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George Michael 'lay bleeding on M1'

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Media captionKatherine Fox said she saw George Michael lying on the M1

Pop legend George Michael lay bleeding on the M1 after a car crash, a woman who stopped to help him has said.

Katherine Fox, 23, from Dunstable, sat with the former Wham! star after the smash near St Albans last week.

She stopped her car to help the stricken singer after "seeing a body lying in the road".

But the receptionist has admitted that until she read the BBC News website later on, she had no idea who it was she had acted Good Samaritan for.

'Blood everywhere'

Ms Fox waited for the emergency services with Michael, 49, after the Range Rover in which he was a passenger was involved in the crash near junction 6A in Hertfordshire last Thursday.

Image caption Katherine Fox stopped her white Mini to help the stricken superstar

He was airlifted to a specialist trauma centre in London for treatment to head injuries.

Ms Fox described how she was on her way home from work, when the traffic in front of her started to slow down.

"I was driving in the third lane of the motorway and had to slam my brakes on and go between the third and fourth lane," she said.

"At that point I looked back and saw a body lying in the road so I stopped my car because no-one except the car behind me had stopped."

She said she reversed her Mini so that Michael was "protected" between her vehicle and another, got out and went into "caring mode".

Ms Fox said the singer was already being comforted by another man, who she believed had been in the car with him.

She said although there was "blood everywhere", Michael was conscious.

"He had a deep cut above his left eyebrow which was really bleeding down his face into his teeth," she said.

"Even if I had known who it was, I probably wouldn't have recognised him.

"I spoke to him like he was a normal guy but he was totally shocked, I don't think he was in any state to talk."

She added: "You don't expect to be sitting on the motorway with an A-list celebrity.

"If he was sat next to me in a restaurant I wouldn't have recognised him, the whole celebrity thing just passes me by,

Image caption George Michael has been in hospital since the crash

"I am not fazed by them, they are just people at the end of the day.

"I didn't know it was George Michael until the Friday afternoon - I was so shocked.

'Funny with me'

"I was at work and got an email from a colleague who sent round a link to the story on the BBC News site, about the crash saying: 'This is why we were late home last night.'

"I put two and two together and my mouth sort of dropped as I realised that was me.

"It was then I realised why the people with him [Michael] were being a bit funny with me, but at the time I thought I had done something wrong."

She said since the accident the singer had not been in touch but she "hoped to hear from him".

Michael is being kept in hospital for treatment and his agent is expected to give an update on his condition later on Wednesday.

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