Ford turbine protesters' inflatable blown away in high winds

media captionCampaigners say the turbine will be a blot on the landscape

An inflatable zeppelin used by Buckinghamshire protesters to show the height of a planned wind turbine has been blown away in strong gusts.

Campaigners gathered at the site in Ford, near Aylesbury, to release the airship-shaped "blimp" to the turbine's 99m height.

They had previously said one of the reasons they opposed the turbine was the lack of wind to power it.

Aylesbury Vale District Council is due to make a decision on 17 January.

The Say No And Protest (SNAP) campaign is concerned the turbine would be taller than Big Ben, ruin the natural landscape of the Vale of Aylesbury and the Chilterns and would not be efficient.

They also believe it would be noisy and could lead to a decrease in nesting birds and held a demonstration at the site on Friday.

Farmer and applicant Jeremy Elgin said he was hopeful that planning permission would be granted.

If built, the single turbine would power his farm and 350 homes, he added.

"Cutting through the smoke screen of objections, the overriding issue is that of the possible effect on house prices," he said.

"I am convinced that onshore wind has to be amongst the most cost effective form of generation [of power]. "