Bedfordshire police and crime commissioner results

Olly Martins of the Labour Party has been elected police and crime commissioner for Bedfordshire.

BEDFORDSHIRE: Olly Martins (Labour) elected

Turnout does not include spoilt ballots

Turnout: 82,129 (17.8%)

Second round






Olly Martins





Jas Parmar




First round



1st pref


2nd pref

Olly Martins





Jas Parmar





Linda Jack

Liberal Democrat



Kevin Carroll

British Freedom



Mezanur Rashid




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KEVIN CARROLL - British Freedom

British Freedom Party candidate Kevin Carroll British Freedom Party candidate Kevin Carroll is calling for equal policing

Co-founder of the English Defence League (EDL) and vice-chair of British Freedom Kevin Carroll, a carpenter from Luton, is standing as a candidate.

Mr Carroll, who intends if elected to donate 25% of his commissioner wages to a local children's hospice, said: "British Freedom and EDL share the same ideology and have been working together since May. I'll be representing British Freedom, which is the political wing of EDL.

"I want to see an equal playing field with policing. Everyone should be policed equally. If not, there is a problem. Political correctness should not affect police officers. There should not be a two-tier policing system."

Kevin Carroll's election statement

LINDA JACK - Liberal Democrats

Linda Jack, Liberal Democrat candidate Liberal Democrat Linda Jack said everyone had the right to feel safe in their homes

Former youth worker Linda Jack, from Luton, has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate.

A councillor in Bedford from 2002 to 2007, she campaigned as a parliamentary candidate for the party in the 2005 and 2010 general elections and sits on the Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Justice and Equalities Parliamentary Policy Committee.

Ms Jack said: "We all have the right to feel safe in our homes, on our streets and on our roads. If elected I would make that my first priority."

Linda Jack's election statement


Former service co-ordinator with Victim Support and member of the Territorial Army, Olly Martins has been chosen as the Labour candidate for the post.

Olly Martins Labour candidate Olly Martins aims to build partnerships across the criminal justice system

He said he aimed to "ensure the committed public servants who work for Bedfordshire Police and the wider criminal justice system are valued for what they do, rather than treated with scorn and derision as so often seems to be the case from ministers in the Tory/Lib Dem government".

He said he would "work hard to build strong working partnerships across the criminal justice system and beyond to ensure victims, particularly of anti-social behaviour, are met with an effective response to their needs".

Olly Martins' election statement

JAS PARMAR - Conservative

Bedfordshire businessman and former Metropolitan Police officer Jas Parmar has been selected to stand as the candidate for the Conservative Party.

Jas Parmar, Conservative candidate Conservative candidate and former police officer Jas Parmar said he would bring his experience to the role

He said: "I believe that the candidate should not only have strong local ties, be visible and responsive, but also someone who brings a wealth of experience in policing, business and public services. I am confident I have these qualities which is why I am standing."

He said his priorities would be to engage with the public to ensure they played an active role in policing in their local area and to keep them and victims of crime informed of the progress made to combat crime.

Jas Parmar's election statement

MEZANUR RASHID - Independent

Mezanur Rashid, independent candidate Mezanur Rashid has concerns about drug use among children

Community worker Mezanur Rashid is an independent candidate standing for the police and crime commissioner in Bedfordshire.

He said one of his concerns was drug use among children in Bedfordshire. "There are children who are 10 and 12 years old selling drugs, using drugs and abusing drugs," he said.

He said he aimed to make Bedfordshire Police more "open and transparent" and ensure local people had a greater say in the policing of Bedfordshire and more high-visibility policing.

Mezanur Rashid's election statement

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