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Hertfordshire Police auctions criminals' assets on eBay

An account has been opened by Hertfordshire Police on the internet auction site eBay to sell off criminals' assets.

Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, offenders can be deprived of any financial benefit of their crimes.

Police officers use confiscation orders to seize high-value items in order to repay any money made.

Money generated is used to compensate victims and help fund crime-fighting initiatives in the county.

Simon Hill, financial investigation manager at Hertfordshire Police, said: "Criminals will often buy expensive items with the money they have made from drugs, burglary or similar.

"If we can seize these items and sell them on, we can still hit them in the pocket."

"We have sold 15 items already and hope to steadily increase the numbers of goods on there in the coming months," he said.

Items sold so far include televisions, golf clubs, designer clothes and jewellery.

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