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Hertfordshire woman shot in neck by former lover

A mother of one was unlawfully killed in Hertfordshire by her ex-lover who then shot himself in the head, a coroner has ruled.

Bulent Polat, 37, used a handgun to shoot Aytul Serbetli, 32, in the neck, an inquest at Hatfield was told.

Ms Serbetli, of Mayo Close, Cheshunt, had taken out an injunction in early 2010 over harassment by Mr Polant.

She failed to serve it after assurances by the Polant family that incidents would stop.

Coroner Edward Thomas was told the relationship had been stormy and police had spoken to Mr Polat several times over incidents of domestic violence.

Pools of blood

Mr Thomas heard that in 2009, Mr Polat had slashed his wrists following a break-up in the relationship, which had resumed because Ms Serbetli felt sorry for him.

The dead woman's brother Utku Serbetli told how he went to his sister's flat on 8 March last year as he was worried because he could not reach her on the telephone.

He had spoken to Mr Polat earlier in the day and was told he was with Ms Serbetli in her flat.

When he got to his sister's address, he forced his way inside the flat and found the pair lying dead in pools of blood in the lounge, with a handgun near Mr Polat.

Det Ch Insp Sean O'Neill, of Hertfordshire Police, said an investigation revealed Mr Polat was probably standing when he "put the gun to the back of her neck and fired".

The officer said it was the view of experts that her death would have been instantaneous.

At an earlier inquest into the death of Mr Polat, a verdict had been recorded that he had taken his own life.

A 50-year-old man arrested in connection with the double killings, after the bodies were discovered, was released without charge, Hertfordshire Police said.

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