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Every week on BBC Introducing... in Beds, Herts & Bucks one member of the live band is chosen to take part in 'Band On A Bike!'

The course is one lap around the Luton studios on a child's tricycle.

The competition is fierce - who will make it to the top of our leaderboard?

Who will hold their head in shame at the bottom?

The Leader Board - 2012

Genna Marabese - 02nd November - 15.78sec - Ryan from Everyone Always does rode the bike on behalf of Genna. He did brilliantly.

Speedshot - 03rd Feb - 16.10sec - Danny on the bike with his trusty two band members pushing him around.

The Wholls - 1st June - 16.54sec - There were problems involving a door! It meant they had to re-do the lap!

Alecto's Lions - 20th April - 16.93sec - They got off to a great start - probably one of the quickest starts for Band on a bike.

Jake Morley - 27th Jan - 18.70sec - Harry was on the bike while Jake pushed him.

Fischer - 11th May - 18.85sec - Matt was on the bike, while Charie from Big Sixes commentated.

Sly Dog - 28th Sep - 19.17sec - It was like watching the Conga - but on a bike

I Swim With Sharks - 8th June - 19.28 - The obstacles were a surprise to them!

The Screaming House Madrigals - 13th Jan - 19.32sec They're technique was bob-sleigh-ish.

Roxanne De Bastion - 6th Jan - 19.49sec - Bassist, Stefano loved every second of riding the bike.

JOINT PLACE.... with Sleeping With Wolves - 27th April - 19.49sec. They ended up on the floor.

Tom Moriarty - 4th May - 19.52sec - The helmet was too big and comprimised his vision.

Gold Skies Ahead - 13rh April - 19.54sec - Did someone say he hit a tree?

Shades of Sound - 20th Jan - 19.90sec - They had a false start... well, they did the whole entire lap before we started.

Chasing Cadence - 09th November - 19.95sec - "We're in it to win it Matt" - team prep from the band.

Paul Child Band - 31st August - 20.09sec - Wobbly start but a great finish.

Antonio West - 14th September - 20.24 - He had a really eager face... but it didn't help

Philip Storey - 24th Feb - 20.30sec - He broke the chain guard! He owes us!

The Strangerhood - 10th Feb - 21.25sec - The bike suited him perfectly!

Insurgents - 16th March - 21.37sec - He was loving it!

#Tags - 30th March - 21.48sec - They're wild!

Social Status - 23rd March - 21.51sec - His warm up technique included jumping around and generally being Josh.

Mounts - 09th March - 21.56sec - They were overly energetic but that didn't help them climb the leaderboard

The Amateurs - 07th September - 21.71sec - Alex picked up by the bike and ran with it.

Kulaks - 07th December - 21.76sec - Charlie had been practising all week.

The Paul Hegley Band - 27th July - 22.00sec - Paul tried his best. To this day he is in denial about his score

The Folk - 10th August - 22.08sec - Last minute swap because Lauren's skirt was too short... But atleast they beat Kill The Weekend (scroll further down)

Guitars Have Ghosts -26th October - 23.71sec - Good effort from Josh

Ego Trip - 5th October - 24.00sec - Helped by band mates... but it didn't help

Blonde Louis - 14th December - 24.03sec - The final band on a bike. Jack Cherry was the last band member on the bike - and he was dressed as an elf.

The Electric Flowers - 6th April - 27.05sec - Started very slowly. They even wore gloves for the occasion.

Kyla La Grange - 12th October - 27.52sec- Mike, the drummer, took on the challenge in his very skinny jeans

The Cautionaries - 21st September - 28.11sec - They had eager faces... but slow paces

Auralia Sky - 23rd November - 28.54sec - Chris took one for the team.

Laura Jeanne - 02nd March - 29.48sec - Joe from Times Like These stepped up and did the challenge for her... but not very well.

Kotki Dwa - 18th May - 31.30sec - Good start, fell off, slowed them down... and now they're second from last.

#1 Citizen - 17th Feb - 33.22 - Her top matched the bike but it didn't help with speed in anyway

Beaux Saunders - 25th May - 35.46sec - Lovely green dress but rubbish on the bike!

James Chiddention - 19th October - 37.37sec - He was very wobbly

Will Mak - 17th August - 41.55sec - He tried... but it didn't help.

Xsara - 24th August - 47.36sec - She didn't do very well - Maybe all the beautiful decorations in her hair slowed her down

The Leader Board - 2011

New bike...

Coastal Cities - 07th October - 18.32sec They were very quick!

New Groove Formation - 23rd December - 18.8sec

The Last Men - 23rd September - 19.85 Charles was on the bike and I must say it suited him!

The Scratch - 09th September - 21.9sec - The obstacles couldn't even slow him down!

Craig Shields - 09th December - 21.9sec - He cheated slightly on the main stretch

Sam and Mashasha - 17th October - 22.8sec - Mashasha was the tallest man we've had on the bike so far!

The Diamond Noise - 11th November - 22.23 - I think they enjoyed it too much!

Problem Solved - 12th August - 22.29sec - First on the new bike. It's bigger and pinker than every before!

Indi and The Vegas - 30th November - 23.06 - Matt with the hat tried his best.

Echoes Of An Age - 19th August - 23.56sec - Harry wore shoes to match the bike!

The Electric Modern - 18th November - 24.00sec - The full band were all behind the bike... but it didn't help!

Cascades - 02nd December - 24.4sec - Rash didn't last very long on the bike!

Sophie Garner - 28th October - 24.20sec - Boots off and a chest infection!

Southgate and Leigh - 21st October - 24.33sec - They put in a lot of effort... but didnt't get very far

Reversal - 25th November - 27.5sec - Stephen from Reversal was very wobbly on the bike!

Panic Dance - 04th November - 27.94 - He didn't expect our obstacles! Mwah ha ha ha!

Shoot The Director - 16th September - 33.9sec - They all tried to push but it some how slowed them down!

Sons Of Guns - 16th December - 36.1 - Mark was very slow! We're not sure if he knew it was a race.

Old bike....

Wooden Casino - 3rd June - 12.27sec Wow! Anderson's bottom was on the seat but he ran with it. Should they be sitting at the top of the leader board? It's up for debate!

Indie And The Vegas - 24th June - 18.5sec You could tell they really wanted to win!

Karl Philips and The Midnight Ramblers - 18th March - 19.92sec They ran with it.

Load - 13th May - 23.25sec Sean Not seated correctly and was pushed, they did well but could we call them cheaters?

Dear Acetate - 27th May - 24.56sec Seated correctly!! No cheat! Could be the real winners!

Kids With Fireworks - 1st July - 26.06sec Jonathon was pushed around the lap by half of the band

The Big Head - 14th January 2011 - 27.10sec- Wow! Set the record in the second week!

Kill The Weekend - 18th February - 28.40sec - Think we saw a bit of cheating!

The Stow - 25th February - 28.50sec - They tried so hard! Matt sat on the bike with his feet up while Haydn pushed.

Get Set - 22nd July - 28.97sec - They officially ended the bike's life. What will happen when we return from the festivals?

Almost Midnight - 17th June - 30.00sec - We used a different bike... but it didn't help them get very far!

The Bon Vivants - 11th March - 30.61sec - They hoped they would do a lot better.

Digihiro - 10th June - 35.5sec - Off to a bad start and then broke the bike!!

The Vertigos - 8th April - 37.02sec - There was a lot in the way!

Charlie Indestructible - 7th January 2011 - 38.05sec- A hilarious new tactic into the new year! Picking the bike up while he sat on it- Legends.

The Shabby Tinkerz - 29th April 2011 - 39.49sec - They ended up running with bike.

The Gentle Italian- 28th January 2011 - 44.00sec- A great effort but didn't deserve stealing our doughnuts i'm afraid!

Wildlife - 20th May 2011 - 45:25sec - Fell off a few times, but they managed

The Tearaways - 6th May 2011 - 45.26sec - They fell over twice, which slowed them quite a bit!

Abadden - 1st April 2011 - 47.88sec - There were many obsticles in the way!

Roses and Pirates - 15th April 2011 - 48.25sec Faye, the drummer tried... but she didn't try hard enough.

Maddox - 25th March 2011 - 52.12sec - Bad start for Jack, instead of pedalling he fell off! Then they were held up by the pescy lads from Kenetics.

Jel and Ant - 21st January 2011 - 102.00sec- Chilled out technique. Nothing wrong with taking your time but can you call yourself a winner?

The Leader Board - 2010

Palahniuk - 9th April 2010 - 11.20sec- New Record!!! Superfast:)

Scholars - 26th February 2010 - 14.6sec- Ran for his life!!!

In Remission - 30th April 2010 - 15.32sec- Ran for his life!!!!!

Spiked - 7th May 2010 - 16.32- 4th for the ladies. boo yeah!

The Silver Brazillians - 29th October 2010 - 19.4sec- Great effort along with a trouser malfunction. :)

Tramp Etiquette- 25th June 2010 - 21.27sec- A heroic effort. Made us proud on Kels' last day at Introducing!

Echo Lake- 19th November 2010 - 23sec- Excellent effort whilst dodging a massive pink ball=)

Pirate Radio - 22nd January 2010 - 23.3sec - VERY fast indeed. Impressive stuff from the pirates:)

Gun Crime - 15th October 2010 - 23.51sec- Was very unhappy about doing it boooo but pulled through:)

The Electralytes- 26th February 2010 - 24.2sec- Very Very Colourfully fast! Good job girls! A new womens record for sure!

Tonight We're Electric - 8th October 2010 - 24.62 - Impressive, but DISQUALIFIED because bikes' can't be rode in the air. With your arms.

The Usual Players - 26th November 2010 - 25.79sec- SUPER effort!!! Made us cry a tear of joy:)

This Part Is Us- 12th March 2010 - 27.53sec- Even the GHD's couldn't help him this time and the bike is now a unicycle! Bad times.

Van Cleef- 19th February 2010 - 28.18sec- Worse case of cheating we've seen!! Had a sloooow start. Good effort... for cheaters!

My Little Empire - 27th August 2010 - 28.36- Started with a crash but carried on like a true toddler:)

Don Broco- 19th March 2010 - 29.37sec- Simon raced with all the happiness in the world. Bless his efforts:)

Polly Poison And Her Electric Antidote - 11th June 2010 - 28.92sec- A very good attempt and a show of skills when dodging the cones! 10/10 for effort!

Book Club - 21st May 2010 - 30.3sec- Even though Chris was assisted by not one, not two... but THREE friends, the time wasn't something to call your mum and brag about!!

Kid Charlemagne - 15th January 2010- 30.7sec - Simon beat his band mate Ian by a good 17 seconds on a much worse condition bike! Poor effort Ian!

Rotating Leslie - 29th January 2010 - 30.8sec - Pedalling skills were impressive! Go Dan Go!

Subset - 3rd September 2010 - 31.10sec- Pretty good effort after pedalling straight into the wall!!

CC Smugglers - 4th June 2010 - 31.25sec- A wonderful effort for a broken bike!

Blonde Louis - 5th February 2010 - 32.4sec- Made his way with a friendly push!

Chrystina Tomlin and her band - 9th July 2010- 32.57sec- Great effort Bryce! With a little push from Chrystina:)

The Star Dolls - 2nd July 2010 - 33.87sec - Fell over quite a few times but a heroic effort!

Lizzy Pattinson - 22nd October 2010 - 34.37sec- Go Adrian! Overcame that struggle very bravely:D

Imicus - 16th July 2010 - 34.47sec- A brilliant effort considering the amount of falls! Woop.

Shallow And The Deep- 23rd April 2010 - 34.71sec- A Lewis Hamilton finish ensued after Fred Flinstone Frenetic Footwork!

Wide Boy Generation - 12th November 2010 - 36.8sec- They were born ready!

Agile Beast - 20th August 2010 - 39sec- Dan was picked from a random draw and didn't do too bad.

Red Dollar - 1st October 2010 - 41.11sec- Not an effort to cheer about!

Out Of The Trees- 12th February 2010 - 43.3sec- Go Matt Go!! Put's him 5th so far in 2010... making excuses before he even started!! Poor form!

I Dream In Colour- 18th June 2010 - 44.07sec - Poor effort from the boys!

Glass Artery- 24th September 2010 - 47.70sec- Broke the front wheel before even starting! The only band member to complain in Band On A Bike history!!!!

Lakeside - 28th May 2010 - 50.0sec- Good effort for being told last minute:)

Safari- 5th March 2010 - 50.08sec- Bobsleigh technique + helmet!

St Union- 16th April 2010 - 54.7sec- Just a bit disappointing. At least Kizzy commentated well. lol.

Tinker Jack - 8th January 2010 - 60.26sec - What a mess!!

Lecarla- 3rd December 2010- 1.06sec- Could have taken their time?

Sister Ray- 14th May 2010- 1 min 29sec- The slowest but wildest yet!! Good effort Johnny, we know it took alot for you to do it:)

The Leader Board - 2009

The Measure - 13th March 2009 - 12.49sec - CHEATED!

Dirty Money - 11th September 2009 - 14.08sec - picked up the bike and ran!

Lost Without Cause - 7th August 2009 - 18.88sec - Ran with bike but bum on seat, so not cheating!

Firetone - 31st July 2009 - 19.7sec - Used 'The Legover' technique which seemed to work - look how fast Jammers went!

Folk N Ska Souls - 8th May 2009 - 19.97sec - Very fast!

The Scratch - 06th March 2009 - 20.26sec - He broke the back of the bike!

The Pins - 20th March 2009 - 20.52sec - they did it properly!

The Raid - 27th February 2009 - 21.17sec - Fast but he was pushed!

Martell - 5th June 2009 - 21.58sec - very fast, very scary!

Psychohero - 27th March 2009 - 22.66sec - he was pushed!

Dee Nyoni - 14th August 2009 - 23.0sec - Competed properly with bum on seats and the scurrying technique!

The Black List - 27th November 2009 - 23.04sec - Grand effort by the tallest man EVER!

The Strategy - 12th June 2009 - 23.74sec - Wanted to beat Shapes and they did!

Exit Avenue - 20th February 2009 - 22.85sec - Really fast!

Flamboyant Bella - 15th May 2009 - 24.07sec - Bit of a push!

The Broadcast - 22nd May 2009 - 24.39sec - A very good try!

Underview- 25th September 2009 - 24.78sec - only wore army pants and helmet!

Cass Lowe - 4th September 2009 - 25.37sec - The tallest person EVER to do BOAB!

The Friday Nights (2nd attempt) - 17th April 2009 - 26.18sec - Getting better!

Ground Dust - 17th July 2009 - 27.26sec - A mix of fast and slow with some pushing from other band members!

The Ruby Shoes - 23rd January 2009 - 27.65sec - So fast and they didn't even cheat!

Valentone - 26th June 2009 - 28.10sec - With a bit of help!

Tinlin - 18th September 2009 - 28.31 - One foot on the seat!

Hekz - 30th January 2009 -28.69 sec - Pedalled normally like a person!

The Red Bullets- 30th October 2009- 29.74 - Enjoyed himself immensely!

Fate of a Stranger - 24th April 2009 - 29.75 - Foetal position.

Horseman Shakes - 16th October 2009- 30.16 - Had difficulties, but succeeded!

Cardboard Cutouts - 15th August 2009 - 30.97sec - the pedals no longer work.

Alex Holmes - 24th July 2009 - 31.41 sec - The wheels is getting dodgier by the minute!

Arrows - 3rd April 2009 - 33.10sec - pushed with their feet!

Geometrics - 29th May 2009 - 34.35sec - fell off twice, broke the bike (even more!)

Good Shoes - 18th December 2009 - 37.4sec - Used the funky 'water lily' method. Good effort.

Re-Writing Destiny - 13th February 2009 - 37.46sec - Not bad!

Morning Glory - 9th October 2009- 38.0sec - Crazy mad stuff- tried their hardest!

The Swanvesta Social Club - 4th December 2009- 39.52- Played percussion and sang all the way- bonus!

Hekz (2nd attempt) - 20th November 2009 - 38.89sec - Leopard Legs!

Guildean Gang - 1st May 2009 - 39.92sec - a promising start!

The Dufflefolks - 9th January 2009 - 42.29sec - the first band on a bike of 2009!

Gekko - 16th January 2009 - 45.02sec - The bike is broken again!

New Device - 20th June 2009 - 47.66sec - How slow was that!

This Life Scandal - 2nd October 2009 - 53.08 - Kept falling over each other all the time!

The Amigos - 12th June 2009 - 60sec - Broke the bike in three places!

The Leader Board - 2008

The Comfort - 25th April 2008 - 18.58sec - Ran with the bike! CHEATED!

New Groove Formation - 31st October 2008 - 20.09sec - Pushed by 2 people!

Buick McKane - 28th November 2008 - 20.30sec - used the bike like a scooter!

Blonde Louis - 3rd October 2008 - 21.63sec - Joshua pushed Harvey on the bike.

Loz Jones - 5th December 2008 - 22sec - Pushed by his band mates!

Kizzy Black - 24th October 2008 - 23.89sec - clearly had been practicing!

Roadrunner - 14th November 2008 - 25.68sec - used a wheelbarrow technique!

David Lloyd - 21st November 2008 - 28.07sec - Pushed himself along.

Imicus - 17th October 2008 - 30.36sec - A bin stuck to his foot!

Brigante - 9th May 2008 - 32.32sec - Didn't pedal!

Sunflies - 26th September 2008 - 34.47sec - Didn't pedal!

The October Game - 27th June 2008 - 36.52sec - pedalled all the way! Good sport!

Imperial Vipers - 4th July 2008 - 37.48sec - Didn't pedal!

Ross O'Reilly - 20th June 2008 - 38.42sec - Pedalled all the way!

Louise Hirst - 18th April 2008 - 39.15sec - Didn't pedal!

Symbo - 23rd May 2008 - 41.40sec - Pedalled all the way!

Peter Parker - 12th September 2008 - 41.53 - Pushed with his feet!

Kilto Take - 8th August 2008 - 41.79sec - Bad conditions! Damaged bike!

Divided Opinions - 2nd May 2008 - 43.05sec - With a push & ramp!

Echo Box - 4th November 2008 - 43.98sec - Wheel has officially broken!

Chris Phillips - 5th September 2008 - 48.75sec - Didn't pedal!

Phantom Sound - 06th June 2008 - 50.56sec - Pedalled all the way!

The Swan Collective - 16th May 2008 - 52.06sec - Pedalled all the way!

The Fullertons - 1st August 2008 - 52.12sec - Tried to pedal, broke it.

The Friday Nights - 11th April 2008 - 54.53sec - Pedalled all the way!

Fruition - 23rd May 2008 - 57.82sec - Pedalled all the way!

Shapes - 10th October 2008 - 61.68 sec - The funniest band we have ever seen!

The Black Tricks - 19th September 2008 - 104.8sec - Broke wheel! Worst time ever!

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