RSPCA in Norwich 'struggle' over dumped cats

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A cat named Damon by RSPCA staff was found abandoned in Horsford

The RSPCA said it was struggling to cope with an increase in the number of abandoned cats brought to one of its rehoming centres in Norfolk.

Seven cats were taken in by the Paws Centre on Barrack Street in Norwich over two days last week. Four of the animals were abandoned at a vets.

Eleven days earlier, a cat found in Horsford was brought to the centre.

"The large increase has put incredible pressure on the centre, as the cattery is currently full," the RSPCA said.

The charity's foster carers, which look after cats on a temporary basis when the home is full, were also unable to take any more animals, it added.

'Shocking and reckless'

In total, the Norwich and mid-Norfolk branch is caring for 72 cats, 38 of which are at the Paws Centre.

Claire Feek, animal care team manager, said: "Pet owners need to take responsibility for their animals - they cannot simply just dump them because they have had enough of them, it is shocking and very reckless of them.

"On top of this massive influx of dumped animals many of our cats had a sneezing virus, which meant we couldn't rehome them, until they were well again.

"This means we now have a backlog of healthy cats that we also need to rehome."

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