General election 2019: At polling stations in England

Santa goes to vote in Dunster Tithe Barn near Minehead, Somerset Image copyright PA Media
Image caption Even Santa's grotto has been recruited to boost democracy

Father Christmas helped spread some festive cheer to voters as a Santa's grotto was one of the many unusual places transformed into polling stations for the snap general election.

Voters got some respite from the cold while they cast their votes but pet pooches weren't so lucky.

And, in some places they have had to trudge through the snow to get to the ballot box.

Being the first December general election since 1923, it's unsurprising inclement weather is part of the experience.

Isla the donkey gets into the festive electioneering in Broughton Astley Image copyright Sarah Kelly
Image caption #donkeysatpollingstations
Snow at a polling station in Nenthead, Cumbria Image copyright PA Media
Image caption Snow is falling, all around these voters
Heidi the border terrier outside a Manchester polling station Image copyright @MisHelenEous
Image caption Heidi celebrated festive times while her owner voted
Thelnetham Windmill poses as a polling station in Suffolk Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The winds of change?
A nativity scene next to a polling station in New Mills Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Did voters in New Mills follow a star to this polling station?
Polling station in a car showroom in Petersfield, Hampshire Image copyright PA Media
Image caption Looking for a good deal for the country
Horse riders arrive at a polling station in Chiddinstone Hoath Image copyright AFP
Image caption In the saddle for democracy
Jarvis the spaniel at St Mary's Family Centre in Arnold, Nottinghamshire Image copyright Neil Heath
Image caption Jarvis the spaniel doesn't look too impressed to be kept waiting
Bins outside a polling station in Diggle, Greater Manchester Image copyright AFP
Image caption Not wasting the vote, this constituent casts her ballot
Penguin outside Arundel's lido that is a polling station for the day Image copyright Reuters
Image caption There are only strokes of the pen to be found at Arundel lido
Dog outside a polling station in Northumberland Image copyright Reuters
Image caption "You can only come in if you're planning to vote"
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Ballot box
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General election 2019

Vote from 07:00 to 22:00 on 12 December 2019

  • 650MPs being elected

  • 533for constituencies in England

  • 3,322registered candidates

  • 917days since the last general election in June 2017

Source: BBC and Press Association research

Where can I find the results?

The BBC, like other broadcasters, is not allowed to report details of campaigning while the polls are open. More details around electoral law and our BBC code of practice is explained here.

As the results begin to appear, the BBC News website will feature a full breakdown of the results across the UK.

Readers can also follow the latest developments in their own constituencies on BBC live pages and scoreboards.

On social media, @BBCElection will tweet every constituency result.

Huw Edwards will be the lead presenter of BBC One's election night special, while Jim Naughtie and Emma General election 2019: Polls open across EnglandBarnett will host live election night coverage on BBC Radio 4 through until Friday morning.