England awakes to beautiful sunrise

view from Den Brook Wind Farm North Tawton Image copyright Richie Watts
Image caption Richie Watts captured the view from Den Brook Wind Farm North Tawton, Devon

A beautiful sunrise warmed up a wintry morning for many around England.

Social media was full of stunning pictures of brightly coloured skies, some of which can be seen below.

BBC Weather Forecaster Paul Goddard said autumn and winter was the most likely time to see beautiful sunrises.

They are caused by a scattering of light through a process known as Rayleigh Scattering, the same process which makes the sky blue.

Wakefield, West Yorkshire Image copyright Michiko Sunshine
Image caption This view over Wakefield, West Yorkshire was captured by Michiko Sunshine
Gravesend Kent Image copyright Tony Daines
Image caption Tony Daines captured this shot in Gravesend, Kent
Cornbrook tram stop, Manchester
Image caption BBC journalist Tom Mullen took this picture from Cornbrook tram stop in Manchester
Sunrise over Gunthorpe Bridge in East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire Image copyright David e
Image caption A Weather Watcher caught two swans enjoying a serene swim in the River Trent in Nottinghamshire
Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Image caption Amy Griffiths snapped this picture while out reporting for BBC Wiltshire in Malmesbury
Hull Image copyright Bob Carter
Image caption Bob Carter was out early this morning to capture this shot across Hull
Truro Cathedral Image copyright Johanna Carr
Image caption This view of Truro Cathedral was captured by BBC journalist Johanna Carr this morning
River Deben in Woodbridge, Suffolk Image copyright Damian Horner
Image caption The colours reflected off the water in the River Deben in Woodbridge, Suffolk
London Image copyright Caroline Scott
Image caption Twitter user, Caroline Scott said no filter was needed for the sunrise this morning over London

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