Liam Gallagher gig: Fan burned by flare at Sheffield concert

Image source, Stacey Andrew
Image caption,
Stacey Andrew photographed the flare in the crowd before it was thrown

A Liam Gallagher fan fears she has been "scarred for life" by a flare thrown at a gig.

Stacey Andrew, 27, from Boston in Lincolnshire, was at the Fly DSA Arena on Monday when she was set on fire, The Star reported.

"The flare hit my head and fell down my top, at first I didn't realise what had happened until people shouted," she said.

"It looks like someone let a firework off on my chest".

Ms Andrew said it was her first gig.

She and her partner Callum Mutton were near the front and the people with flares were behind to the right.

"I didn't realise what had happened then people started patting me. My shirt was in flames and a man ripped it off," she said.

"People were shouting, 'She's on fire'."

Image source, Stacey Andrew
Image caption,
Stacey Andrew and her partner Callum Mutton were at the Fly DSA Arena to see Liam Gallagher

She said security staff did not go over, but she had to go through the crowd to them.

"It was so embarrassing, I was just in my bra.

"The Red Cross saw us but their tap wasn't running so they had to find water. The on-site nurse was good and covered my dignity as best as she could."

But Ms Andrew said there was "no proper first aid".

"I'm scared I'm going to be scarred for life," she said.

Fly DSA Arena said it was "extremely sorry" to hear about the "irresponsible" actions of a fellow concert-goer.

"The irresponsible behaviour of the concert goer who threw the flare along with any other people within their party who were aware of the possibility of their actions cannot be condoned and they should be held accountable for their actions," said Dominic Stokes, from the Fly DSA Arena.

He said Ms Andrew and Mr Mutton were both seen at the venue by an on-duty paramedic and advised to go to hospital.

The Arena said it had contacted them through social media to speak with them directly.

Arena staff offered a taxi but in the end Mr Mutton drove to hospital.

Image source, Stacey Andrew
Image caption,
Stacey Andrew was burnt on her chest and arm after the flare fell down her top

Bags were checked on entry, but security staff did not personally check everyone, Ms Andrew said.

"Everyone who bought drinks from Arena had plastic cups but a lot of lads had their own cans," she added.

Mr Stokes said the use of smoke bombs and flares was a "new but increasing challenge" for all arenas.

He said security at the Fly DSA Arena was in line with National Arena Association guidelines, and added that its procedures will be reviewed.

Mr Stokes added: "I am aware from comments on social media that our processes for dealing with this type of prohibited item is being linked with our counter terrorism strategies.

"I can assure all our customers that our work with the relevant partners and agencies in this particular area has been commended and the seen and unseen actions we take mean the wellbeing of our customers is front and centre of everything we do."

South Yorkshire Police is investigating the incident.

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