MP Antoinette Sandbach receives death threat after vote

Official portrait of Antoinette Sandbach Conservative MP for Eddisbury Image copyright UK Parliament
Image caption Antoinette Sandbach has been a Conservative MP for Eddisbury in Cheshire since 2015

An MP has received a death threat after losing a vote of confidence among her local party members last night.

Antoinette Sandbach tweeted an email she received which told "remain" MPs to "keep looking over your shoulders because Boom Bang you are all dead".

Eddisbury MP Ms Sandbach was one of 21 MPs suspended from the parliamentary Conservative Party last month.

The threat has been referred to the Metropolitan Police's Parliamentary Liaison and Investigation Team.

The email Ms Sandbach received also told her women should not be in politics because they were unable to think under pressure.

It added that she should "stand down and look after your family as all women should".

'Symbolic' vote

In a letter to constituents, Ms Sandbach said "these kind of threats will not stop me from doing my job".

The Cheshire MP said the confidence vote at Eddisbury Conservative Association was "symbolic" but added "it most likely means that I am not going to be the Conservative candidate in the next election".

She said her teenage daughter told the meeting that "some of the language you adults use we wouldn't be allowed to use at school".

She added "I will continue to support any measures necessary to stop a disastrous and undemocratic no-deal Brexit."

A Conservative Party spokesman said: "We would like to thank Antoinette for her work in Eddisbury.

"We will be selecting our candidate in due course".

The Eddisbury MP is appealing against last month's decision to suspend her from the party and said "The Conservative Party will need to consider whether it would be an abuse of due process to select a new candidate while this appeal is ongoing".

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