England Cricket World Cup: Winning team's fans react

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Media captionCricket World Cup: Grandma's viral England win reaction

Videos of grandparents' euphoric reactions to England's Cricket World Cup win have captured the mood of the momentous occasion on social media.

Gwen Stanbrook said the triumph was lost on her. But the video of her 80-year-old grandmother's joyous celebration went viral on Twitter.

"I don't really care about cricket," said Gwen, 20, from West Sussex. "But my grandma is really, really into it...so we kind of knew what was going to happen and I decided to video her reaction. My grandma was understandably overwhelmed."

Samiya Ahmad, 22, from Bradford tweeted her 70-year-old grandmother Sarwat Sheikh's jubilant celebration.

"I love how much she loves cricket and this country. She always has the best reactions, that's why I knew that I should record her," said Samiya.

"I'm not so into cricket but whenever England is playing very well I will watch it with my grandparents. I had to keep asking my granddad what certain words meant, but I really enjoyed the match."

Sam Hutchinson, 16, from Cumbria captured his grandfather Harry Hutchinson jumping for joy.

"He's been waiting all his life for England to do this," said Sam. "I'm not really into cricket but a game like the final yesterday I certainly don't mind."

Natasha Douglas, 23, from Sheffield tweeted: "Ok my dad has lost it" with a video of her father Tim Douglas running around the garden.

She said: "I thought his reaction was hilarious, after he had been nervously pacing around the house all day during the game, I thought he might burst with excitement!"

Meanwhile, Aditya Ramani in Melbourne, Australia kept across the Cricket World Cup and Wimbledon Final at his cousin's wedding.

The once in a lifetime win also inspired readers to share thoughts of cricket-loving family members who were no longer with them.

Paul, from Kent, texted BBC Sport: "I've just watched the video of the grandma. My granddad was a massive cricket fan, and I like to think he was looking down watching yesterday too. I've got a bit of dust in me eye..."

Another reader, who did not send their name, texted: "Tomorrow it will be 16 years since we said goodbye to our cricket loving dad. He actually passed away whilst watching England playing cricket on TV.

"To my dad I want to say two things: You never saw an England team like this and... Dad - I was there!!!"

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