European elections 2019: Brexit Party wins three North West seats

Claire Fox Image copyright PA
Image caption The Brexit Party's Claire Fox in Manchester said their win was a "cry for freedom"

The Brexit Party has won three of the eight seats available in the North West region in the European elections.

Labour held on to two seats but lost one. The Lib Dems also won two, with the Green Party taking one seat.

The Brexit Party's MEPs in the new parliament will be Claire Fox, Henrik Nielsen and David Bull.

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson blamed the media, police and government interference for his failure to win a seat.

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The Independent candidate claimed he faced a "near impossible task" because he was unable to get across his message on social media platforms - because he is banned.

There were loud cheers from rival parties at the count as he polled 38,908 votes, coming eighth.

Image caption Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson came eighth in the vote

In her victory speech, Claire Fox said the Brexit Party "will remake the world in a new form".

The former leading member of the Revolutionary Communist Party said: "This is a victory for grass roots democrats. Our cry for freedom will be heard."

There were huge cheers as Gina Dowding won for the Green Party.

She said: "We are seeing a Green wave across Europe for positive actions to address climate change."

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Image caption The candidates wait on stage as the results are announced in Manchester

Chris Davies and Jane Brophy won for the Lib Dems, while Theresa Griffin and Julie Ward triumphed for Labour.

Mr Davies hailed the Lib Dems' good showing which has seen them come second behind the Brexit Party.

He said: "We will confine Brexit to the dustbin. We will be in Brussels longer than five months."

Re-elected Labour MEP Theresa Griffin said: "Labour will be back. We have more in common than that which divides us."

Map of Great Britain showing the leading parties for each local authority

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